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Top of The Standard – Manhattan

Sep 2013

New York City is full of hotel bars that provide incredible views of the Manhattan skyline. Yet, none are as striking as The Standard’s 18th floor bar. With ceiling to floor windows, the bar provides unbeatable views of Manhattan and the Hudson River.


Formerly known as the Boom Boom Room, Top of the Standard is a luxurious bar that oozes trendiness. From the moment you walk through its gold-clad doors you’ll feel as though you’ve somehow gained entry into the exclusive world of New York’s social elite.

A hostess, who looks more like a Bond girl in a gold figure hugging dress, waits to greet and seat patrons. A mirrored hallway leads to a glossy and glassy bar area, where 70s inspired gold and cream fixtures glisten in the afternoon sun.


The bar serves up great cocktails and an even better view. At $20 a pop it’s not the cheapest place for a drink. So make sure you go in knowing that you’re paying a little bit more for the chic ambiance and the spectacular view.


I recommend trying The Standard’s take on a Moscow Mule. Delicious!

Helpful Hints & Handy Tips

Be aware, there is a dress code. In the afternoon they don’t seem to be so strict on what you’re wearing as they are in the evening. They do however seem to care about what’s on your feet at all times. I’ve seen quite a few people turned away because of the shoes they’re wearing. No sneakers!

To assure you have a table, call and reserve beforehand. We’ve been extremely lucky, turning up without a booking and being seated straight away at a table that’s reserved for later in the night. As there is a members-only policy after 10pm we’ve been more than happy with that.

Make sure you check out the view from the bathrooms!

Posted by Jess Fleming

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