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South Bank – London

Sep 2013

Heading north of Borough Market you will find yourself on the South Bank of the river. From here you are granted a great view of the Thames, London Bridge itself (surprisingly a rather underwhelming structure) and Tower Bridge. You can also take in the view of the Tower of London as well as the blending of old and ultra modern buildings around Cannon Street both just north of the river.


To the west you have Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge and further up the bank you have the London Eye. To the east you have HMS Belfast, City Hall, Tower Bridge and the area known as Shad Thames.


Whenever I came down to this spot, particularly the area in front of City Hall I always had moments of ‘I can’t believe that I actually live in this city’. For that reason it was one of my favourite places to go, especially in summer when you can enjoy the long sunny days on the grass, taking in the view and wistfully watching the world go by.

Posted by Jess Fleming

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