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Richmond Park – London

Feb 2014

The largest of London’s eight Royal Parks, Richmond Park (2,500 acres) has a varied landscape of hills, open fields, woodland gardens, thick lush forest and grasslands.

It is home to the charming Isabella Plantation (garden of exotic plants), Pembroke lodge (beautiful Georgian mansion) and herds of Red and Fallow deer (650).


Wandering through Richmond Park’s huge open space of unkempt, wide land, among so many deer (who roam freely), it’s easy to forget you’re actually still in London.

The park attracts all kinds of outdoor lovers – walkers, runners, horseback riders, cyclists, kite flyers, as well as folk who simply want to get out of doors, escape the hustle and bustle of Central London and breath in some fresh air.


I recommend devoting several hours if not a whole day to this stunning parkland. I also suggest making a planned stop at King Henry’s Mound. Not only is it the highest point of the park but it is from this very spot that an avenue of trees force the eye along its path, providing an uninterrupted 10 mile view of Central London, all the way to St Paul’s Cathedral.

This amazing vantage point did not happen by chance, it was designed in 1710 and is today specially maintained and legally protected, so that no future buildings can be built in its path and obscure the spectacular view.

Enjoy a trip to Richmond Park for the fresh air and wide open space, and whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!

Posted by Jess Fleming

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