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Outsider Tart – London

Feb 2014

I had a feeling that I was really going to like Outsider Tart, even before stepping foot into the shop.

An award-winning, authentic American bakeshop and café, run by two guys from New York and a counter top piled high with trays of freshly baked breads, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, sweet pies and tarts. What’s not to like?


Those with a sweet tooth will absolutely love this place. Not only because of the range of treats but because of the outstanding variety of flavours Outsider Tart offers.

Having said that, it is the huge selection of flavours that actually make it insanely difficult to order. Everything looks so incredibly good. Giant cookies, cakes covered in creamy frosting, cinnamon and sugar dusted cake doughnuts and gooey fudge brownies, just to name a few.

IMG_9803_BLOG       IMG_9813_BLOG_BLOG_3

On my visit, after a lot of ‘umming and arring’ I, perhaps over indulgently chose two (yes, two!!) slices of cake. Red velvet and a chocolate chip cookie brownie. I mean come on, it was always going to be a rather dangerous pairing; me and an entire counter top full of delicious baked goods.

Although the brownie was wonderfully rich, it was the red velvet cake with its mascarpone cheese filling that really hit the spot. It was soft, moist and seemed to just melt-in-my-mouth.


To balance out the sweetness, I also ordered a homemade sweet Italian sausage roll. Wholesome and bursting with flavour it was equally as scrumptious as the cakes!

Whilst customers can of course take away, I believe Chiswick’s little slice of New York is best enjoyed by eating in, and pulling up a stool in the cafés casual and colourful surrounds.


For those who cannot finish their cakes, ‘doggy bags’ are provided on request. Speaking of dogs, Outsider Tart also makes a range of dog biscuits. Strange but true.

Aside from the cakes and dog biscuits Outsider Tart also sells an assortment of American products like, sauces, cereals, peanut butter and confectionary.

Overall, a trip to Outsider Tart is an excellent excuse to venture west, eat delicious treats, and explore Chiswick, which is a wonderfully leafy neighbourhood.

Thank you Lynn for this great recommendation!

Posted by Jess Fleming

  1. Comment posted by Helen Jaworski at 2:59 am on February 6, 2014...

    Can't wait to check this out!! Thanks Jess!!

  2. Comment posted by JessTours (post author) at 11:12 pm on February 6, 2014...

    Hels, you're going to absolutely love it!

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