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Meat & Bread – Vancouver

Oct 2014

Having had a succession of great meals in Sydney, as soon as Nick and I returned to Vancouver I was eager to continue my search for the city’s most delicious food. So one drizzly Saturday whilst out exploring and cafe hopping (working up quite the appetite), Nick and I joined a rather lengthy queue at Meat & Bread.

Located on Cambie Street in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood, Meat & Bread serves up a selection of delectable sandwiches. With a total of four sandwiches on its menu, Meat & Bread offers three fixed sandwiches (Porchetta, Meatball, Grilled Cheese) and a daily rotating special, made using a range of meats, cuts and cooking styles. The menu also consists of a small variety of side dishes such as soups and salads.

While each sandwich offers something a little different it is the Porchetta — a crusty ciabatta roll stuffed with thinly sliced slow-roasted free range pork, crisp pork crackling and a house-made salsa verde topping — that steals the show. With mouthwatering ingredients like that, is there really any wonder?

The sandwiches at Meat & Bread are made-to-order. The meat is carved, chopped up and heaped onto lightly toasted rolls at order time. Therefore, patrons can expect a hot, fresh, soggy-free sandwich.

At $8 Meat & Bread’s sandwiches are great value. They are deliciously hearty and will leave you feeling truly satisfied. They will also leave you with a hankering to return again soon.

For those who eat-in, Meat & Bread’s sandwiches are served on wooden cutting boards with a dollop of house-made and if I may say so, the most delicious yellow mustard.

Chowing down all that meat and salty goodness is thirsty work, fortunately at Meat & Bread there are a selection of thirst-quenching drinks available. I recommend the ginger beer. It’s cold, sweet (but not too sweet) and the ultimate sandwich companion.

Everyday at lunch, without fail a line up of hungry eaters forms at Meat & Bread, but don’t let the line put you off. It moves swiftly thanks to the sandwich shop’s ordering system, which will have you served and seated within 10 mins or so.

In addition to a couple of individual seating options, there is a large wooden communal table. Stools can also be found at the main counter where the sandwiches are prepared. The communal dining really adds to Meat & Bread’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

As does, the specialised sandwich shop’s interior design. With a rather industrial feel (think exposed brick walls, thick wooden counter tops, and steel furnishings and fixtures) the Meat & Bread team have created a decidedly modern eatery with a casual and inviting vibe.

The ingredients used by Meat & Bread may be simple but boy what a sensational combination of texture and flavour they have achieved with their sandwiches.

With its memorable ambience and scrumptious eats I definitely recommend this place to everyone!







Posted by Jess Fleming

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