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Jules French Bistro – Vancouver

Apr 2015

Continuing my search for the best brunch spots in Vancouver, a few Sundays ago Nick and I headed over to Jules Casual French Bistro, located in the city’s historic neighbourhood of Gastown, for a deliciously authentic and lingering French-inspired late morning breakfast.

Tucked in between a row of bars on Abbott Street and sporting a rather modest facade, Jules Bistro is fairly easy to pass without a second glance. Yet, while the restaurant’s exterior may not necessarily stand out, the interior most certainly does. Through jet-black painted double doors an enchanting, warmly lit space awaits. A space, I might add, with a distinctly vintage French look and feel.


Indeed, the entire restaurant oozes with French elegance and old world charm, think exposed brick walls, black and white tiled flooring, weathered wooden furniture, a striking hanging crystal chandelier, gold framed mirrors, a piano, and an array of signage hand written in French.

With such a wonderful and well-crafted display of French style and taste, it’s easy to forget that Jules Bistro is situated in downtown Vancouver and not on some cobbled stoned side street in Paris.


Although the restaurant’s beautiful décor and delightful ambience are reasons alone to visit, it is the traditional French cooking and delicious food offerings that draws patrons back time and time again.

Naturally, Jules Bistro’s brunch menu follows the restaurant’s French theme, blending traditional French dishes with West Coast flavours and features a range of tantalising plates, which include: two eggs sunny side up with potato rosti and dill marinated salmon carpaccio; country style scrambled eggs with bacon wrapped asparagus, sautéed fingerling potatoes and tomato provencal; a basket of fresh baked mini croissants and breads with butter and preserves, and a breakfast cassoulet made up of coco beans, bacon, chorizo, duck confit, and a perfectly runny poached egg.


The breakfast cassoulet, which is hearty yet surprisingly light, comes highly recommended (by me). The combination of flavours achieved are truly outstanding, so much so this dish will have you savouring each and every spoonful.

Aside from egg dishes and pastries, Jules Bistro’s mid-morning menu also incorporates a variety of lunch time offerings, offerings which include a quiche of the day, salade nicoise, French onion soup, moules frites steamed in white wine, garlic and parsley, and a ribeye steak served with salad or fries and a herb butter sauce.


While the main dishes at Jules Bistro are enough to leave you feeling full and satisfied, room MUST be left for dessert, which is comprised of an impressive list of sweet treats, all of which are priced at $8.50. The crème caramel, vanilla crème brûleé and oranges with orange blossom sorbet and mint caramel are recommended.

With superb French cuisine, friendly service and a warm and inviting atmosphere Jules Bistro is a positively lovely spot to enjoy a relaxed brunch where a quintessential French dining experience is most certainly guaranteed.

Bon appetite!

Posted by Jess Fleming

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