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My Time In London

Aug 2013

London is not only an incredibly exciting and intoxicating city; it is also a city that I called home for three years. And what an amazing three years they were!


Three years filled with so much fun, laughter, incredible friendships, new experiences, adventure, travel, countless Ryanair flights, cold unforgiving winters, long summer days, Pimms in the park, Saturday mornings at Borough Market, buying flowers by the dozen on Columbia Road, delicious food (thank you Friday cake dates at Ottolenghi), sunrises and sunsets on Primrose Hill, Sunday roasts, awkward leans, Black Taxi’s, catching a show on the West End, weekend strolls to Camden along Regent’s Canal, centre court seats at Wimbledon, High Tea at The Ritz, screenings at the Electric Cinema, searching for the best burger in town – Dirty Burger and so much more!

Posted by Jess Fleming

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    Long happy days in Tooting with your second family....

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